Professional Email

Free-Simple-Faster-Easy to use!

For small startups or organizations that simply need email for their domains we has created a free complex solution which includes Email for your company/personal domain.

Starting 10GB mailbox each Free/12 Months*

Get your Professional Business Graded Email to see how we can help your business grow!

  1. Secure POP/IMAP/Webmail
  2. Outlook Setup
  3. Custom Email Filter
  4. 24/7 Support (Conditions Apply)

We offer best email hosting

Spam Free Service

Spam won’t even make it into your mailboxes! And if one sneaks through, you have full control to custom filter inbound & outbound mail. Simply a anti-spam and anti-virus protection.

Rapid Growth

Growth is a great thing! You can rest at ease knowing that if your business goes from 5 employees to 1000 employees, we’ll scale right along with you - increase and decrease without interruption of service.

No any hidden Cost

Our Service will continue to be free for 12 months and there after a fee will be added for each Email.

24/7 support guaranteed on certain conditions.
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